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Remember when you started your small firm practice? 

You started your own law firm with a dream: to be in control of your own destiny, to have more time to do what you wanted, and to earn a great living. But has that dream been drowned in the daily flood of emails, client prospecting, and practice obligations? And is that great living everything you hoped it could be?  Or, are you:

  • Confronting chaos daily trying to balance the daily demands of practice with the demands of running a business?
  • Uncertain as to how to increase your profitability and overly dependent on getting one or two big cases each year?
  • Spending valuable time pacifying overly demanding or unhappy clients?  
  • Stressed because law school taught you nothing about how to run a law firm?
  • Frustrated because your income remains stagnant year after year 

If this sounds like you, and your law firm is not what you dreamed it could be, we’re here to help. Let Larry Port and Dave Maxfield, authors of the ABA's Bestselling The Lean Law Firm teach you how to transform your firm into a profit machine using the LEAN techniques of the world’s most profitable and efficient companies.


The Sprint to Law Firm Profitability 

In this exclusive and engaging online course, complete with videos, interactive quizzes and downloads, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of transforming your firm using LEAN.  While 99% of the online programs for law firms focus on “getting more clients” lack of clients is almost certainly not your real problem. Your real problem is your Process. But we’ll show you how to make it your greatest strength.

In Sprint to Law Firm Profitability, our exclusive Five-Stage Program, we'll teach you everything you need to know to tame chaos in your law firm, take away stress and uncertainty, and turn it into a system that will produce income and profit reliably every year. 

What will work for Toyota will work for you. As we’ve told hundreds of lawyers before, "You're not special." We don't mean that you're not an amazing lawyer doing amazing things, but rather that the problems in your firm (and that feeling that you KNOW it can be something more) are not special, or unique. In fact, the same problems that stop you from unlocking your firm’s profit and potential have already been solved by the world's best companies, who understand that the key to profit and quality lies in PROCESS, and who focus above all else on building great SYSTEMS. 

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The Lasting Results that will Transform Your Thinking  --- and Your Practice

  • Goodbye Chaos, Hello Control:  We’ll teach you how to see, clearly, the system that your firm really is – so that you can start the transformation with intention into the system that it was mean to be. Once your system is in place and you understand what it needs to function optimally, daily priorities become clear and chaos magically disappears.
  • Profitability Demystified: Ever wonder why your income fluctuates year to year, with no clear upward trajectory?  Are you reliant on the “lucky break” of getting one or two really good cases to support your firm?  There’s a much better and more predictable way to profit that doesn’t rely on luck, and is amost fully within your control (even without that “unicorn” case). We’ll show you where all the profit “levers” really are (hint: probably not where you think) so that you can get both hands on them.
  • Happy Clients:  Clients whose matters are resolved quickly, efficiently and with great service are happy clients. Guess what? They tell their friends, and it’s the best (and cheapest) marketing you can ever have.
  • Less Stress:  Being in control of the system that is your firm, getting great results for happy clients, and being financially successful takes the stress out of your practice, so you can actually enjoy being a lawyer! (no, really).
  • Get Better Every Year:  LEAN thinking is, more than anything else, about slow, continuous improvement.  It’s a concept called “Kaizen.” Once you know what to improve and how to do it, your business will get stronger and better every year.
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How Do We Know?

Because we're the Mad Scientists of Legal Lean.

Larry Port founded Rocket Matter, the first cloud-based case management system for lawyers and knows firsthand how to build a wildly successful company using Lean principles.  And as a legal tech provider, Larry's had the unique vantage point of working with thousands of lawyers and firms facing the same problems that you do. (PS - don't let his suave looks fool you -- he's still quite the nerd and can write some serious code). 

Dave Maxfield meanwhile,  has been “in the trenches” as a solo and small firm owner for over 25 years. Dissatisfied with "traditional" law firm management methods intended for large firms, Dave devoured every book and article he could find on Lean and systems-thinking (including, improbably, books on lean cattle farming). In addition to his boutique consumer protection law practice, Dave teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, where the Dean lets him teach "The Lean Law Firm Lab" despite Dave's record as a "top 65% of the class" type of student there. 

What started as a random "what if" conversation between Larry and Dave in a Chicago coffee shop years ago ultimately became the ABA's Bestselling book The Lean Law Firm (and graphic novel!) where Dave and Larry tell the story of Carson Wright, a struggling young lawyer tasked with saving a talented but troubled law firm, who gets help from an unlikely mentor.

In addition to writing and speaking, Dave and Larry host the (staggeringly entertaining) Lean Law Firm Podcast where they continue to bring a unique and unconventional approach to solving the problems you face running your law firm.

Dave and Larry share a deep understanding of LEAN, which provides a systematic method for any business to maximize quality and profitability with the least amount of time wasted. While originally used in manufacturing, LEAN has been embraced by all kinds of businesses.  Knowing its transformational power first-hand, Dave and Larry wrote The Lean Law Firm to translate the power of LEAN for law firms and now, in the 5-Stage Sprint, to make it even more easily accessible for lawyers like you.


5 Stages - You Set the Pace

Cycling races like the Tour de France cover long distances – more than 2,000 miles. But, not all at once! Since there’s so much distance to cover, the race is divided into much shorter stages, allowing huge progress to be made in the shortest possible total time. And some stages can be completed quickly as “Sprints” where distance is covered at maximum speed. Law firm transformations can work like that too.

Busy lawyers don’t have the time of bandwidth to sit through a long, boring course. You need things to move fast, and on your own timeframe.  That's why we've taken a cue from the pros, breaking the great distance you'll cover into 5 transformational “Sprints” that you can complete in under an hour each (you can even break them up into smaller chunks, stopping and starting at any time). Each stage builds on the last so that when you cross the finish line, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to make your own radical transformation, where (finally) peace of mind and a sense of control awaits.

Here's what you'll master in each stage:


Income Formula

You'll learn the simple and powerful INCOME FORMULA that determines your firm's profitability.



You'll learn to focus efforts on the few Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that actually matter to your results.



You'll create a Roadmap to reach your Profitability Goals, and master a way to set any goal far simpler and more powerful than anything else you've tried.


Visual Systems

You'll replace the current chaos and disorder of your firm with a LEAN VISUAL SYSTEM built to maximize income and meet your goals.



You'll learn to drive your shiny new system at peak speed to your income goals, and know exactly what's happening across all areas of your firm.



As a special bonus, you'll be introduced to the Japanese principle of KAIZEN and learn how to make tiny changes that can transform your firm.

 What Else You'll Get in the Sprint

  • Master Quickly and at Your Own Pace: We know that your busy and we built this Sprint course with that in mind. Each of our 5 Sprint “Stages” will take you only 45 minutes to complete, so you can master the entire course in less than a day, or over a weekend. Or at your own pace, stopping wherever you need and picking up where you left off later.

  • Lifetime Membership for Cost of CLEFort the cost of a CLE you’ll get lifetime access to all the content in the Sprint, including anything we add to it later at no extra cost.

  • We’re Here for You:  We love answering questions and helping you solve problems.  Members can drop us an email to ask a question anytime, and get discounts on personalized consulting if desired (but we’ll never try to upsell you).

“Reading The Lean Law Firm and working with Dave profoundly affected my 3-lawyer firm for the better, and two years later, we still talk about "what Dave said" to move cases forward and to eliminate bottlenecks. Creating a lean law firm for us meant looking carefully at our systems and making a series of changes; it really helped to take a step back and look at our process like an assembly line. The 5-Stage Sprint goes even deeper, and can help any firm owner make more money with less stress.”

- Chuck Panzarella, Esq., Consumer Action Law Group

Once I understood how improving throughput would increase profits, I struggled to explain it to my teammates in a way that clicked for them. Until they watched this training course!This program is going to be the foundation for our firm’s expansion and is a must-watch for anyone on your team. It’s even better than the book — which really says something.”

- Michael F. Cardoza, Esq., Cardoza Law Corporation

“When it comes to speaking about law practice management, being both knowledgeable AND engaging is key. With their easy wit, style, and command of their subjects, Dave and Larry are always favorites with lawyers hungry to learn more about how to make their law practices run better.”

- Courtney Troutman, Director, Practice Management Assistance Program, South Carolina Bar

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