Let us show you how to transform your firm into a profit machine using the techniques of the world's most efficient companies.

We're Dave Maxfield and Larry Port, authors of the ABA's Bestseller The Lean Law Firm and hosts of (the staggeringly entertaining) Lean Law Firm Podcast. 


And we're here to tell you as we've told hundreds of lawyers before, "You're not special."  We don't mean that you're not an amazing lawyer doing amazing things, but rather that the problems you see in your firm (and that feeling that you KNOW it can be something more) are not special, or unique. 


In fact, the same problems in your firm that block your dreams of what it can become have already been solved by the world's most profitable businesses (think Toyota and Intel).  The simple fact is that LAW FIRMS are not special or different in any way that matters, from other kinds of businesses.  That means what will work for Toyota and Intel will work for you.


As the graphic below shows, at its heart ALL businesses (including a law firm) make money the exact same way, by

(1) acquiring RAW MATERIAL and

(2) putting it through a PROCESS that

(3) Produces INCOME:


In a law firm, your Raw Material is clients. But even though 99% of the online programs for small firms focus on "getting more clients!" most likely, a lack of raw material -- clients -- is NOT your problem. Rather, your problem is your Process.

Assuming sufficient Raw Material, the limiting factor on income is the speed and quality of your Process. Having all the clients in the world means nothing if you can't reliably, repeatedly and quickly convert them into completed solutions that yield Income.


That's where we come in.

The fact is, running a small law firm is not an art, but a science. And it's a science that the manufacturing world - through techniques like LEAN - perfected long ago.  
That's why we  wrote the, THE LEAN LAW FIRM: to make those  already perfected techniques immediately usable for small law firms. And while the book has been a great success, lawyers kept asking for more. 


That's we've taken the next step with our exclusive online course, The 5-Stage Sprint to Law Firm Profitability.  In these 5 Stages, complete with videos, interactive assessments and  downloads, we'll show you exactly how to transform your law firm into one that brings more money (and peace of mind) using the lean techniques of the world's most profitable businesses. 


No risk guarantee.  Ready to get started?  Click Take the Course! below.  (We think you'll love it, but if you're not satisfied with it let us know within 30 days after purchase, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price in full, no questions asked).  And if you want to see exactly what's in each Stage, just click below.  

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